How To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number In Nigeria

You can use Truecaller, Site 2 SMS, or Way 2 SMS to know the details of a phone number owner. To identify a strange phone number, download and search for the number on Truecaller (the persons’ details will be shown to you).

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How To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number In Nigeria

Two things you would need to track someone location with a phone number are:

  • A working smartphone (with a good internet connection) and
  • The target phone number

That is all you need to track a phone number in Nigeria for free.

  • Truecaller

Truecaller remains the most effective and efficient means of tracking phone numbers across the world. This phone number tracker device or app has more than 85 million users worldwide. That is how useful the app has proven to be.

You can use the app to find a Nigerian phone number. It works for US, Canada, UK, and several other countries too.

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It will display the caller’s true identity- his/her name, address, location, and how many times they have called other people. From there, you can choose to block the disturber.

  • Find and Trace

Find and trace is yet another web-based tracker that can track an mtn number in Naija or anywhere in the world.

With Find and Trace, you’ll be able to search for mobile numbers as far as it is recognizable. It also functions as a Bulk SMS sender, STC Code, phone number lookup, etc.

  • Site 2 SMS

We particularly love Site 2 SMS because it provides you with the caller’s location, full name, mobile network provider, and several other details you might need.

The website is simple yet straight to the point. Give it a trial today, and you won’t regret it.

  • Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number mobile app lets you find and locate any mobile network in Nigeria from anywhere you are.

Simply download the app, type in the unknown phone number and all details you want to see will be displayed.

  • Way 2 Sms

Way2Sms is another website designed for tracking phone numbers – it really works!

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Simply log in to the site, enter the number you want to track, and you’ll see the details of the harasser.

  • Call your network Provider

This method of tracking a phone number is not all that common but it can also be effective.

For security and safety purposes, network providers such as Airtel, MTN, GLO, 9Mobile etc may only be able to tell you the state, and city the caller is a caller from but you can explain your reasons of needing this information and if they buy it, they’ll be willing to share more information with you.

  • TrapCall

Trap call, like truecaller is an app that helps uncover the identity of an unknown phone number.

How does Trapcall work?

  • Open Playstore or App store
  • Download Trapcall app on your mobile phone
  • Once downloaded and active and an unknown number calls you, decline the call by pressing the red button on your phone.
  • Once that happens, the number gets forward to Trapcall
  • After a couple of seconds, Trapcall then sends the caller information right back to you.
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For more information such as the full name and address of the caller, you will need to pay for a Premium or Ultimate plan.

  • Use search engine

Type the person’s phone number into search engines such as Bing, and Google and you might be surprised at what comes up.

If the mobile phone number you are searching for has been cached somewhere on the web – the search engine will show you the identity of the owner.

  • Use social media

Every day, more and more people keep turning to the use of social media such as Twitter, and Facebook to track kidnappers, and harassers.

A lot of people on these social media apps share their phone numbers publicly. To trace a person, simply type the person’s name into the site’s search function and see what pops back.

For example, Facebook and Twitter are excellent means of tracking people down. Simply go to the person’s profile, check basic info, check contact information. Note that you can only see a number that the owner makes visible. If it is marked as private, you will not be able to see it.

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