How To Get Efootball Points In Pes 2022

Each time you play, you earn eFootballTM Points that can be transferred between platforms. These points can then be used to unlock goodies for PES Mobile when you get home from work and play on the console!

How To Get Efootball Points In Pes 2021

You are only permitted to watch the Grand Finals in competitions in which you took part.

Your Rating determines the Class you’ll be in on Matchday, which is separated into three sections.

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How To Get 10,000 Efootball Points

You can acquire coins by repeating the action above then accumulating the coins.

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How To Get Football Points In Pes 2021

You can gain points by participating in eFootball tournaments and by simply enjoying the game. Points can be exchanged for a variety of in-game items and bonuses. Participating in the eFootball’s 2020-21 season also earns you eFootball Points. These are the steps, for those of you who use computers:

  • Ensure you Install Steam in your computer, you can do that via
  • Search for PES 2021
  • Then Install the PES 2021 LITE
  • Navigate to PES and click on Settings->Online settings->Link Konami ID->  you will see a QR code all you need do is to scan with your phone, a link opens asking to login to your Konami ID
  • Login with the same Konami ID as your mobile version.
  • Then open Myclub and obtain the prizes (10,000 efootball points), then head to the store and redeem a skill token like you do in mobile.
  • To agree to their terms, you’ll be required to scan a QR code. Once you’ve returned to the store, you’ll be able to reverse the purchase.
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Make a purchase in the store after you open PES on your mobile device. You’ll have to agree to the terms again.

E-football points earned on PC and mobile devices will now be added together.

Visit the Konami ID link campaign and earn 5000 Konami Points there

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