How To Download From Youtube To Phone Gallery

Are you seeking a simple way to download YouTube videos to your phone or other devices directly from the internet?

When I say “download,” I mean permanently storing it on your memory card or hard drive.

Rather than letting you save movies to your computer or mobile device, YouTube restricts you from using their app to do so.

How To Download From Youtube To Phone Gallery

There are two excellent ways to download YouTube videos on your device permanently.

Use your browser to save YouTube videos to your computer.

Despite the fact that it involves a few steps, this approach is effective.

Copy the video’s link and paste it into your browser; then, make any necessary changes to the link and select your desired download quality.

Let me break it down into more specific details:

  • Go over to YouTube and copy the link in your browser address bar.
  • After selecting the video you want to download and pressing the share icon/button, copy the URL.
  • When using a browser to access youtube, please skip to┬ánumber 2 below.
  • Then click “Edit” to make changes.
  • Using a browser, paste the URL into your address bar, and then open the video.
  • Go to the URL (link) tab, remove everything before “youtube” and replace it with “ss” before pressing “enter”
  • Decide on the resolution and bitrate of your download.

then, there you are, your video is now in your device

Using the app, you can download YouTube videos (Savefrom Helper)

As opposed to the previous strategy, this one is a little more efficient.

Savefrom Helper is all you need to get to the download page.

  • In order to access your files, you must first download the software (Savefrom Helper).
  • Click “App” or “Apk” on to download the app or apk.
  • Clicking on this link will direct you to the Download page.
  • If you clicked “App,” then:
  • Click on “Install” or “Download app.”
  • Install the program once it has been downloaded.
  • Make sure that Savefrom Helper can access your phone’s media and files after installing it.
  • Search for the video on YouTube (App or Website) and then share it.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click “Savefrom Helper.” The download page will open automatically.
  • The Savefrom Helper app will transport you directly to the download page when you’ve finished using the above approach.
  • Choose your download quality, then press the “Download” button to begin your download.
  • Downloaded videos can be found in the “Downloads” or “Files” sections later on.
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Downloading YouTube videos on an Android device

Unfortunately, we couldn’t discover any suitable YouTube downloader apps in the Google Play store.

Because of this, we recommend that you download TubeMate from a third-party download source.

TubeMate, a free (with limited advertising) Android app, may be downloaded and installed using the instructions listed below.

Visit the TubeMate website on your phone and select one of the approved download sites. Downloading from Android Freeware is one example.

  • To begin the installation process, click the Install App button.
  • The .apk download could harm your phone, so click OK to dismiss the warning.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, click Open.
  • An “Install blocked” notice appears if you have never installed an app from outside the Play store. Click Settings and tick the box for Unknown sources, then click OK.

Install by clicking on the Install button.

Click Agree to accept the terms of service once the app has finished downloading.

To access a YouTube video in TubeMate, locate the video you wish to download, copy the video URL, and paste it there.

A red download button will appear to the right of the video.

Please select the video’s quality before downloading it.

Once the video quality has been selected, click the Red download button to begin the download.

Video files can be found in apps like Files or MyFiles on your Android phone after they have been downloaded.


Move the video or audio file to your SD card to save storage space on your phone or other portable media player.

Using a Windows phone or tablet to download a YouTube video

Using’s free video download service is highly recommended if you have a Windows 8.1 smartphone or tablet. You must have the Microsoft Edge browser installed on your Windows smartphone or tablet in order to use this service.

Make sure you’re using Edge.

Take a look at the YouTube page for the video you want to download. Once you’ve found the page, copy the URL from the address bar by highlighting it.

Visit the website.

You’ll find a text box on this page where you can paste the YouTube video’s url. Once you’ve placed your text cursor inside the text box, you can paste the address you copied in step 2 into the box below.

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The green Download button next to the text box is where you should click.

After a few seconds, go to the Download Video with Sound section at the bottom of the page. To save a video to your computer, click the green Download button next to the video format you prefer to use.

When prompted to choose between opening and saving a file, choose to save the file to your device. It will download and save automatically if no message is displayed.


You can also move the video or audio file to your SD card to save space on your device.

Downloading a YouTube video on a Blackberry phone

We recommend using the UC Browser app on a Blackberry phone to download YouTube videos. To do this, simply follow the steps outlined in the paragraphs that follow.

  • Download UC Browser from the Blackberry App Store.
  • Go to the YouTube website and look for the video you want to download.
  • The YouTube video URL can be copied by tapping the URL address bar.
  • Open the UC Browser application.
  • In the UC Browser app, copy and paste the YouTube video’s URL.
  • Go ahead and begin the download.
  • Upon completion of the video download, locate the video file on your Blackberry and change the file extension to “mp4”.

You can now watch the downloaded YouTube video using a Blackberry media player app.

Using an Apple iPad or iPhone to download a YouTube video

It’s fairly simple to download a YouTube video to an iPad or iPhone. But there are a few more steps than downloading a video to a desktop or laptop computer. Follow these steps to save any YouTube video to your iPad or iPhone.

  • Search for the Documents by Readdle app in the App Store and then download and install the app on your iPad or iPhone.
  • To get started, launch the Documents by Readdle app after it has been installed (the app icon is named “Documents”).
  • Click the Safari browser icon in the app’s lower-right corner to open it (looks like a compass).
  • The Go button is located at the bottom right of the on-screen keyboard. Enter in the address bar and press the Enter key.
  • On an iPad or iPhone, press the Home button.
  • Go to or the YouTube app in the Safari browser.
  • To download a video, first locate it and then click the Share icon that appears beneath the video on the video’s page (an arrow pointing to the right).
  • To copy the video URL, open the Share video window and select Copy from the drop-down menu that appears.
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After pressing the Home button, go back to your Documents app and open it again.

Simply place your finger on the text field labeled “Enter the video’s link here.” To paste, press and hold your finger in the text box until the Paste option appears. To paste a YouTube video URL into the text box, select the Paste option from the Edit menu.

Below the text box, click the green Download button.

After a few seconds, go to the Download Video with Sound section at the bottom of the page. To save a video to your computer, click the green Download button next to the video format you prefer.

When the Save File window appears, type a name for the video file you wish to download and then press the Done button to finish the download.

The video is saved to the iPad or iPhone’s Documents app and can be accessed from there. A download progress bar appears when you tap the Downloads icon (a downward-pointing arrow with a line under it) in the lower right corner of the screen.

To open the Documents screen after the video has finished downloading, tap on the video file name.

Press Done if the video begins to play, then stop the video and exit the video.

To see the video file that was downloaded, click on the Downloads folder icon. Tap Close in the upper-left corner when the video download is complete.

Tap the purple folder icon at the bottom-left corner of the Documents app, and then tap the Downloads folder on the My Files screen to access your downloads.

To copy a video, select the Copy option from the ellipses menu in the lower-right corner of the video file.

On the Copy to screen, select Photos. Your iPhone or iPad’s Photos app has now been updated to include the video you requested.

The Documents app needs access permissions if you don’t see a Photos button on the Documents screen or the option is greyed out.

You’ll need to go into the settings on your iPhone or iPad to do this. Look for and select “Documents” under “Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure to select the Read and Write option when you’re done with the Photos option. The Documents app now has a Photos option available for users to choose from.

If you’re having trouble copying the file or it didn’t copy, you can go back to the Downloads section in step 16 and repeat the rest of the steps to copy the video once again.

The YouTube video will be downloaded and copied to your gallery, where it can be watched and copied as needed after completing the previous steps.


so, if you are in the quest to know how to download movies directly on your devices, we have covered the nitty gritty of what you need to know and how to go about it.

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